Meadowlarke North Series Champions

Meadowlarke North Series Champions

Four Hunter Green riders completed in the Meadowlarke North Series Championship Show on Sept 4th.

This was an outstanding show series for Virginie and an awesome first away show for Ava!

Caitlyn & Meg also did very well against tough competition.

Virginie & Firefly

SERIES CHAMPION Cavaletti Division


2nd – Starter Equitation on the Flat
2nd – Cavaletti Walk Trot Equitation
3rd – Cavaletti Cross Rail Course 1
4th – Starter Pattern Class
6th – Starter Hunter Under Saddle
6th – Cavaletti Walk, Trot, Canter
6th – Cavaletti Cross Rail Course 2

Ava & Splash

Champion Lead Line Division

1st – Walk Equitation
1st – Walk/Trot Equitation
1st – Walk Pattern

Caitlyn & Splash

1st – Starter Pattern Class
2nd – Cavaletti Cross Rail course 2
4th – Starter Hunter Under Saddle
4th – Starter Equitation on the Flat
5th – Cavaletti Walk/Trot Equitation
5th – Cavaletti Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation
6th – Cavaletti Cross Rail Course 1

Meg & Spring

3rd – Starter Equitation on the Flat
5th – Starter Hunter Under Saddle
5th – Starter Pattern Class
6th – Cavaletti Walk/Trot Equitation
7th – Cavaletti Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation

What a super effort Caitlyn and Meg displayed in very tough competition.

Well done EVERYONE!

Thank you Meadowlarke North!