Meg and Spring at Meadowlarke North

Congratulations to Meg and Spring on a very good show at Meadowlarke North on April 23rd; in the morning before our In House Show.

Spring placed 5th in the Road Hack class!

She was the only school horse and was competing against all privately owned horses – some of which were being ridden by coaches.

Great Show Meg!

Show Day at Milton Fall Fair


Caitlyn, Ariane and Kayleigh had a great day showing at the Milton Fall Fair.

Caitlyn and Splash were Open Beginner Champion with two firsts a second and a fourth.

Kayleigh was first in lead line with Splash and fourth in good grooming with Teacup.

Ariane and Teacup were seventh in hunter under saddle in a very large competitive division!
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Alicia and Hypnotiq at Meadowlarke North


Alicia and Howie had a great day showing at Meadowlarke North on August 1st.

  • 1st – equitation over fences
  • 1st – equitation on the flat
  • 3rd – hunter over fences
  • 3rd – hunter over fences stake
  • 4th – hunter over fences
  • 4th – hunter under saddle

Howie was very excited to be at the show, but Alicia handled him really well and had a very successful day!

Erin Fall Fair Hunter Show


Yes, it was a long day with a lot of waiting – but it was worth it! Our Hunter Green riders performed very well at the Erin Fall Fair Hunter Show on October 10th.

Alicia rode Cwmfelen Montrose (Teacup) in the Novice Division with jumps up to 2′. After a long morning waiting for the first divisions to finish they were finally able to get in the ring and do their thing; finishing 2nd in Equitation Over Fences, 3rd in Hunter Over Fences and Equitation Under saddle and finishing 4th in Hunter Under Saddle. Continue reading